The Pretenders

Almost three decades ago my mom and my sister helped me move into my college dorm room. They took me shopping for more dorm stuff, and then pretty much pushed me out of the nest. Of course I gleefully joined the other newly pushed-from-the-nest girls on the hall of my dorm. We were ready to be… Continue reading The Pretenders


Salsa Chicken

Let's get this out of the way. I need food photography lessons. The food bloggers must have lots of time and special equipment. My food photos are plain and some unappetizing. This week I dragged out the slow cooker and made salsa chicken for my work lunches. This is the second time I've made it.… Continue reading Salsa Chicken

Blooming Mimicry

This weekend I experienced the 41st annual Art in Bloom at the Museum of Art, Boston. Never heard of it, huh? I hadn't either until about a month ago. Regional garden clubs created arrangements representing specific pieces of art throughout the collection. The museum selected varied art, and each club brought its best game. I read… Continue reading Blooming Mimicry

Picture Perfect

One Christmas I visited my sister. She wisely suggested we roam London on Christmas Eve to take in the festive decorations when the crowds were sparse. I don't remember us being out late but it seems as if the evening provided several unique opportunities. Being the dutiful daughters we are, we decided to take a photo… Continue reading Picture Perfect